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15 Hilariously Funny Gifts for Pharmacists That Will Make Them Laugh Out Loud

If you happen to be a close friend or a relative to someone who works as a pharmacist then you know they sometimes complain about how boring it can be sometimes with all of those annoying long prescription names. If that’s the case then how about you cheer pharmacists up with a gag gift that will definitely bring out a nice smile from them. So check out these 15 funny gifts pharmacists won’t be expecting.

Funny Gift Ideas for Pharmacists

The Prescription Coffee Mug
Naturally, everyone needs coffee once in a while to keep them awake. In jobs when people don’t move that much it’s easy to get sleepy and relaxed. Now, thanks to you, your pharmacist friend can have their routine cup of coffee in a special mug made exactly for them. It’s definitely going to be the starter of interesting conversations between both colleagues and customers.
Hospital Themed Sticky Notes
How about these tacky sticky notes in the shapes of bandages and medical ointments? They would find great use in the hands of a pharmacist who likes to have fun once in a while and surprise their colleagues with some cool sticky notes for writing things down in the store. It’s okay to give them this gift so they can spice it up a bit and enjoy their work time. It doesn’t only have to be for the pharmacy, these sticky notes are funny, but useful in any situation and place.
Syringe And Pill Pens
You definitely must have a look at these silly pens. They are perfect gag gift for a medical person, such as pharmacists, and it’s a pretty cool way of writing things down. It’s a pack of six syringe highlighters, six pill pens, and four syringe pens. They all vary in color and are amazing for drawing and doodling when things seem a bit quiet in the pharmacy. It’s a fun surprise for a pharmacist you know who could use some funny pens. They certainly can never have excess pens.
Pharmacy Life: Adult Coloring Book
Let’s not forget that adults like to do things they did as kids even when they are all grown up. Some things are always interesting to do and we shouldn’t let age stop us. This is the next best thing as a way for adults to get back to their coloring days. And, it’s an even better way for pharmacists to get in touch with their creative side. This book is filled with all sorts of pharmacy-related illustrations and would simply be fun for any pharmacist to color them.
Neuron Plush
Who would say that adults can love plush toys. Pharmacists will adore this one. They are super cute and soft and cuddly and are just extra lovable. This one is in the shape of a neuron which is why it would be a great gift for a pharmacist friend, who actually knows what a neuron is.
Prescription Pill Bottle Shaped Shot Glasses
Don’t forget that even pharmacists like to have fun every once in a while and go out drinking a bit. Take a look at this new awesome and funny way of drinking shots. It’s a set of three shot glasses for you and your pharmacist friends to have some fun while you are off work. It’s a cool gift for any occasion to give to your colleagues or friends who have jobs as pharmacists. Bring the party with this pretty fun and cool gift.
Pharmacist Wine Bottle Holder
An occasional glass of wine should be in order for a pharmacist who has had a long and stressful day at work. You could get this metal wine bottle holder that is in the shape of a pharmacist and looks absolutely amazing with his notes and medicine shelf in the back. It’s very durable so they don’t have to worry about knocking the wine bottle over and making a mess. If your pharmacist friend enjoys a glass of wine every now and then, be sure to surprise them with a uncommon gift such as this one.
Men’s Happy Pills Socks
With their unique and funny design this socks will make sure their feet are comfortable and warm. So, you know what to get for your pharmacist friend and make sure they are happy at their job with these happy pills socks.
Funny Medicine Coffee Mug
This gift is sure to bring out a big laugh from a pharmacist you know. They do work with meds all day so you can see the irony of this situation. Nonetheless, it’s a mug that has a pretty funny message on it and it’s a great choice to cheer them up if they are having some bad days. Who knows, it might just become their new favorite coffee mug to put in their pharmacy store.
Pharmacist Necktie
It’s a nice-looking tie decorated with all sorts of medications and pills. It would be pretty weird to give this to just anyone, but it’s perfectly safe for a wacky pharmacist. It’s a cool and funny gag gift for them due to their relation to medicine. They do sell pills all day and this tie will definitely bring a bit of humor to the rather serious profession.
Microbe Themed Gift Box
This is a gift box that contains five mini microbes tainted love toys. It’s a microbe themed gift box that makes a great funny gift for a pharmacist friend who love this kind of stuff. If their birthday is coming up, how about you surprise them with this totally unexpected gift box that contains five deadly diseases themed fun and cute toys. No harm in this, it’s just too funny to pass up.
Periodic Tableware Beaker Wine Glass
Here is another funny gift that is a perfect fit for someone who is in the medical industry. It’s very amusing to drink wine out of this pretty nicely crafted wine glass and to show off in front of their pharmacist colleagues. It’s definitely the most unique thing they have seen in the whole medical-related gifts area.
Giggling Happy Pill Plush
This is super useful for relieving stress. This plush is made for the reason of making people happy and calming them down. If you have a friend who is also a pharmacist and complains about how stressful work is all the time, then say hello to their new favorite stress relief helper. It also has a trick when it’s pressed, it starts giggling. No one can resist when someone else is laughing so be sure to help them out with that.
Prescription Stainless Steel Flask
Welcome to the next level of funny pharmacist gifts. It’s a totally cool flask that is made to look like some sort of prescribed medicine. The perfect gag gift for a pharmacist who likes to sip some alcohol from time to time. This flask is definitely sticking with them from now on. Just be sure to remind them not to take it to work.
“There’s A Pill For That” Blank Journal
A journal such as this makes for a great gift for someone who works as a pharmacist. There would be no point in getting it for someone other than a pharmacist. It’s a blank journal that is themed in their profession and is a great way to help them keep track of activities or responsibilities.