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17 Great Gift Ideas for Cubicle Workers

If you are desperately searching through gift ideas for cubicle workers and can’t seem to find any good ones, this is the place to be. Everyone knows how boring and unproductive some office days can be, especially if you’re trying to work in a small grey cubicle.

This is why our 9 to 5 cubiclist friends need some thoughtful and useful gifts. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, it might be a birthday or retirement party, there are hundreds of mindful gifts for cubicle workers out there. Here are 17 great ideas that will be meaningful for workers who spend most of their time in the cubicle.

Gifts for cubicle workers

Cubicle Mirror
Everyone hates when a colleague seems to magically appear behind them, it’s like they are sneaking up on you. With this cubicle mirror, your office pal can finally say hello to some privacy in their cubicle. The mirror is very easy to install, will not scratch your desktop and offers you a 360-degree view of your surroundings.
Cubicles That Make You Envy the Dead by Scott Adams
The famous comic hero Dilbert, drawn by artist Scott Adams, also has a paperback comic book episode of the dreaded cubicle office. This must be the scariest one so far! We recommend this book solely because it will probably be the only entertaining thing your colleague will see all day.
Coffee Mug Warmer
It’s not easy working from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. This is why the average worker can’t even imagine their life without a few cups of coffee. And everyone will agree that there is nothing better than freshly brewed coffee in the morning. With this mug, you can have hot and fresh beverages all day. Because coffee is magic!
Pop-up Note Dispenser
This cat-shaped post-it notes dispenser is the number one gift for the cubiclist who is cat lover. It’s a great decorative piece for the cubicle desk and at the same time you are making sure they are not forgetting anything on their post-it notes. You should get it for your fellow employees right meow!
Desktop Organizer
Are your coworker’s cubicle desk and workspace flooded with unorganized papers and other stuff? Does your friend’s workspace really need some reorganization? Or do you just want to surprise your special person with some office decor? This desktop organizer comes in a number of different colors and can make any desk look more elegant and organized.
Welcome To My Cube - Cubicle Decor
Is your coworker there to say in the cubicle? They don’t see a way out of this job? Then this art print is definitely for them! If they are here to stay, then they might as well make themselves comfortable. This gift is a great office wall decoration, it comes in different colors and can last for a long time. Or until retirement.
Office Desk Feet Hammock
This is the perfect (useful and funny) gift if your favorite cubicle worker really needs a break and their summer vacation is too far away. This small foot hammock fits any desk and will come in handy for any hard workday. It doesn’t matter if it’s almost Friday, with this gift anyone can always sit back and relax.
Desk Accessory Holder
One of the more common gifts for any employee is a pen or tape holder. But this accessory desk holder is so catchy you can’t easily forget it. It’s not just some funny memorabilia for the office prankster, but also a tape, post-it notes, cards, pins, paper clips and pen holder.
Mechanical Keyboard
Cubicle workers really need to stand out in the crowd and now they can with this mechanical PC keyboard. This is a great mechanical keyboard for your vintage-loving steampunk cubicle friends. In addition to the cool antique design, it features a USB connection, is chrome plated and water and dust resistant.
Retirement Timer
Is your colleague soon to be retired from the office world or is it a friend just can’t wait to call it quits? This hilarious gift will keep anyone updated with how much time they have left in the cubicle. Retirement is definitely something to celebrate and with this gift, it will be exactly on time.
In My Defense I Was Left Unsupervised Mug
Every office worker just loves coffee, therefore this coffee mug is the perfect gift for any cubicle employee. Let’s be honest, every one of us did something at the office we shouldn't have, when nobody was looking. This is the fun way to remind your friends about that adventure.
Beach Zen Garden
If it tends to get too stressful at the cubicle office or if it’s easy for your coworker to lose their zen, then this cute little desk ornament is the right item for them! This small sandbox ornament was made for imagining a sunny day at the beach. It comes with white sand and small beach accessories included, perfect for some office me-time.
Creative Magnetic Pen
This pen is the smart pick for the cubicle technology geek. It is a magnetic pen and fidget toy in one. It can be used both as a gel and a touchscreen pen that moves into any position you need. We could say that this pen is the ideal combination of work and play.
Happy Birthday Cubicle Décor
Nobody can say they don’t like a good old surprise birthday party, not even if they’re a cubicle worker. With this gift, you can make any grey and sad cubicle look more festive and make the birthday boy or girl feel special on their special day. There is really nothing better than a good office party to lighten the mood.
Cubicle Wall Hook
Cubicles tend to get smaller every day and the employees are looking to maximize their office space. This is why employees often hang their coat or purse on the office chair. With this adjustable wall hook as a gift, you can be sure that your office buddy is using their cubicle space to the maximum.
Mini Fridge
This is the fantastic gift for the cubicle foodie. Everyone has that one colleague that is most productive while snacking on some microwave popcorn or sipping on some Diet Coke. With this small and portable refrigerator, rest assured that their office will never again run out of snacks.
Vintage Perpetual Desk Calendar
If you have that one friend or colleague that puts a lot of effort into decorating his or her cubicle, then this is the perfect gift for them. With this vintage flip calendar they can really stand out from the crowd at the office and be up to date, all at the same time.