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Housewarming Gifts for Log Cabin Owners

Log cabins are a great way to just escape from the noisy cities and chill in nature for a while. If you know someone who just got their new log cabin then there is probably going to be a housewarming party soon, and you can’t go to a housewarming party without a gift, that’s just rude. So, we have prepared a list for you to choose the perfect housewarming gift for log cabin owners. After a long research, we chose the best log cabin gifts. Here are 18 ideas that stand out for their originality:

Housewarming Gifts For Log Cabin

Personalized Vintage Metal Cabin Wall Sign
It’s the perfect gift to start off the list and make someone’s new log cabin feel comfortable and their favorite place to be at. This is a very nice looking metal sign that can be attached to a wall in the cabin, but the fun thing about this gift is that it can be totally customized with anything you wish and they can print it on the sign. So maybe you could type the person who owns the cabin’s name or what they said they would call their new place and anything in between.
Foggy Forest Wall Art
We all know that something every new home needs are decorations. Decorations fit for the new environment and fit for the person living there. Since it’s a log cabin and it’s in nature, a painting of a majestic forest with astonishing foggy effects seems just about right. They will probably have all the scenery they can handle when they step outside, but the inside needs to look good as well, which is what this painting offers. Grab the painting and decorate your friend’s winter cabin and surprise them at the housewarming party.
Hollow Tree Trunk Vase
Now here is an example of nature at its finest. You probably haven’t seen anything like this before, I know I haven’t. It’s a beautiful vase made from sustainable orchard wood and every single one is hand-crafted and handled with special care. It’s definitely a vase that suits the whole log cabin idea and it’s definitely a unique decoration that is going to amaze the new cabin’s owner when you bring it as a housewarming gift for them. Be honest you are getting one for yourself too, aren’t you?
Viking Horn Mug
Both a log cabin and this Viking mug have a few things in common such as wilderness, outdoors, nature. Your new log home owner friend has their cabin because they probably want to connect with nature more and escape from people every once in a while. This mug will most surely help with that and make them feel like they are living off nature and don’t have a worry in the world. So, pack the gift and head out to give a super awesome housewarming gift for a log cabin owner and see what they think. Hint: they will be thrilled!
Janolia Bottle Opener
When I think about a log cabin, the word vintage does come to mind often. Wooden build and a natural feel with vintage and old objects. This bottle opener can definitely be described as vintage and it will go very nicely with a log cabin. It will complement the cabin very well and prevent your friend from looking for a bottle opener every time they want a drink. This one just needs to be placed in one place and always be there waiting for a bottle to find its way to it.
Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Log cabins are actually a great place to throw parties at. They are far enough from civilization to annoy anyone and always have the perfect theme, which is nature. Summer log cabin parties are a great way to cool off and feel alive thanks to the fresh air. If someone you know just got their house in a wild and is throwing a party to celebrate, then you can bring the perfect addition to boost the fun. A Bluetooth speaker! These things are actually pretty loud and produce high-quality sound. Improve that party with cool music and high quality sound.
Woodland Cabin Birdhouse Decor
This one is actually a two in one. It’s an outdoor decoration and is also useful as a birdhouse as well. Check out the amazing details on this outdoor cabin decoration. Their yard will be full of birds to embrace the natural environment and have the time of their lives in their new home. Gift-wrap it well and surprise them with this wooden birhouse.
Fireplace Tool Set
Ah yes, no log cabin is complete without a fireplace, and no fireplace is complete without a metal tool set to make sure it’s well organized and clean. This one is simply elegant-looking and would go great standing next to any fireplace. Besides the part it plays on handling the fire, it also makes for a great and shiny decoration for a house that probably lacks decorations. Make sure a new log cabin owner has this handy tool ready to be used when they get the fire going.
Rechargeable Heated Socks
Cabins out in the woods are pretty nice to be at in the summertime, but when someone lives there even during the winter it can get a bit uncomfortable and very cold. That’s where these special socks come in very handy. They have three heating settings to make sure the owner is not too hot or too, cold depending on how severe the weather is. This is a cool (hot) housewarming gift that literally helps them keep warm during winter.
Rocking Chair
These types of chairs are the most addicting kind of chairs there are. Once someone sits in one they almost always go to get one for themselves too. Who could blame them, it’s super fun to sit in and rock away, and even fall asleep in. This particular one would fit in great in a log cabin next to the fireplace and make the current owner of one very, very happy. If you want to make your friend who has a cabin happy, then you can do so with a rocking chair such as this one.
Hand-Crafted Deer Sculpture
If you know a hunting enthusiast who has a cabin where they can relax and spend a few days while on a hunting trip then you could surprise them with this deer sculpture. They probably want to decorate it with all sorts of animal-related decorations and this one is exactly that. It’s a beautiful resin sculpture, every single one hand-crafted and finished with an elegant bronze finish. It looks astonishing and makes people not want to take their eyes off it due to its very realistic design and natural appeal.
Smart Mug
It’s time we introduce some smart tech into a friend’s life and make it a bit easier for them. This is a perfect housewarming gift for their log house and they will have a big use out of this one. The way it works is they just pour whatever drink they want and set their desired temperature to heat it up during the cold days. That’s not all! It comes with a really cool coaster that also serves as a charger and can keep it charged all day. But it doesn’t have to. The mug can also last one and a half hours without the charger coaster which is more than enough time for them to finish their coffee, tea or whatever it is they are drinking.
Cast Stone Wood Burning Fire Pit
Here is a great and useful decoration for a log cabin that has an outdoor patio. If you know someone who just got their new log cabin and it does have a patio then now you know exactly what to get them as a great housewarming gift. This one is packed with everything they will need to set it up fairly easily and start using it the same day. So, next time they gather you and their friends, you can all sit around this beautiful fireplace and tell great stories.
Scrabble Deluxe Edition
Every home needs some way that people can have fun. No matter type of house it is, scrabble can be played anywhere. This great wooden one is perfect for the log house design and it’s a bit more special than other editions. This one comes with all sorts of cool accessories like a built-in lazy susan to rotate the game board, a raised grid to hold pieces when turning the board, a storage compartment for storing everything and more. It’s definitely saying a lot about your gift picking talents and there is no doubt that they will like it very much and have lots of fun playing scrabble from now on.
Portable Espresso Maker
It’s the perfect gift for making coffee in a remote log cabin and it speeds up the process by a lot. From now on, instead of getting a fire going to make coffee, this espresso maker can get the job done in a few minutes. No power or batteries are needed for this one as it has a very unique technique of making the coffee. All one needs is their hands and a few minutes and they have a fresh cup of espresso. Make the morning routine of a new cabin owner a lot easier with this housewarming gift that will change their espresso game forever.
Vintage Wooden Wall Light
This wall lamp can definitely be well described with the word vintage. It’s an old form of lamps that were used back in the days in many homes and on some streets. It’s definitely a well-designed lamp and the wooden piece complements it very nicely. It definitely will the perfect vintage touch to their space.
Rustic Mountain Style Table Lamp
It’s another lamp but this one is more like the kind of lamp that goes well placed on the nightstand next to the bed. It doesn’t have to, it will look absolutely great in any room and even better in a vintage-looking rustic cabin that looks very natural. It’s an antler lamp and it’s a great item to decorate a cabin made out of wood. Don’t hesitate with this one as it looks pretty amazing and has a very unique design.
Black Bear Decor Blanket
Here is a great way to decorate a log cabin bed that relates very much to the forest and all the bears that live in it. It fits with the natural and wooden design of everything inside a log cabin and brings out a more comfortable feel to the whole place. It’s definitely one of those housewarming gifts that keeps the owner warm at the same time.