16 Unique Gifts for Accordion Players – Delight & Inspire!

The accordion is a pretty cool instrument, but it’s tough to play as well. You might know someone who has been playing for years and never got the appreciation or gifts for accordion players they deserve, or someone who is just starting and learning every day and needs some of your support. However it may be, if you have an accordionist on your list, then be sure to get them some Gifts for accordion players very relatable to their passion. Maybe something from our accordion power players gift guide list will help.

Gifts For Accordion Players

Our Recommended & Handpicked Gifts For Accordion Players

  1. Soldier With Accordion Figure
    This little accordionist is made out of metal and looks much better live than in the pictures. The toy was paid extreme attention to detail and is very well designed. Maybe for someone in the army and loved to play their accordion, it will make great gifts for accordion players. Be sure to honour their passion for this amazing instrument with this gift for accordion players that fit that description perfectly.
  2. The Mighty Accordion Guide
    With this one, you would be getting someone who is just starting with their accordion-playing career a little help to kick things off. The guide actually focuses a bit more on playing the bass side of the accordion. If they play the piano, that part should be no problem, but the other side is a little more complicated for the person who hasn’t touched an accordion. It’s divided into chapters of a few experience levels. It has a beginner level where it assumes the learner has absolutely no knowledge and an advanced level for the more experienced players. Whether the person you are giving to knows a bit or is an experienced player, the guide is sure to improve their knowledge as the perfect gifts for accordion players.
  3. Accordion Shoulder Straps
    This helpful accordion power player would make an accordionist look more professional, while at the same time making sure they can walk around while playing and not drop their probably expensive accordion. The set comes with 2 long and 2 short straps that would fit very comfortably. They are also adjustable to make sure they a perfect fit for anyone and any accordion. It’s a thoughtful gift for accordion players, and it’s sure to serve them well for years.
  4. Accordion: Mastering The Art
    How about a DVD of an accordion player who is on his way to success? If you know someone truly passionate about playing the accordion and improving fast, then be sure to offer them this gift for their own good. The DVD is about a professor and his student working together to make a great show for a live audience. This DVD is a very inspirational gift for accordion players, and it’s definitely going to bring some motivation and inspiration to the one you are giving it to.
  5. Portable LED Accordion Night Light
    This is exactly what it says it is. A night light. But, this one has a unique design that resembles that of an accordion. It’s made out of a wood board and high-strength tear-resistant paper. It has two colour modes and a rechargeable battery that lasts 6 hours on full power, with a three-hour charge. If you have a friend who is all about accordions, can’t stop playing them, and it is their favourite instrument, then be sure to get these fantastic gifts for accordion players for them to bring even more accordion-inspired joy in their life.
  6. Accordion Wall Chart
    The Accordion Wall Chart is a useful tool for someone who is still working on learning the basics of the piano accordion. The chart helps by showing simple and basic tips of what does what on the accordion and is a great way to learn the basics fast and easy with these gifts for accordion players. Be sure to surprise someone you know who is learning this instrument by getting them this wall chart, which will help out a lot.
  7. Accordion Instrument Novelty Socks
    It’s a “one size fits all” pair of socks with illustrations of accordions on them. These gifts for accordion players are extra sturdy for foot support and have an extremely soft and comfortable feel. They make for a nice, simple gift for the accordionist who absolutely loves their instrument and has a strong passion for it.
  8. Instrument Themed Apron
    Here is one for the cooking enthusiast who also has a strong talent for playing the accordion. If all they talk about is their accordion, then why not bring their passion into the kitchen as well? These gifts for accordion players apron features a huge picture of an accordion that is sure to be the centre of attention at any get-together.
  9. Sterling Silver Accordion Pendant Necklace
    Jewelry is always nice. But jewellery shaped like something a person adores and cares for dearly is even nicer. That’s what this is. It’s a necklace, but for accordion players who want to show off their talents. It will look great on them while they play a song or two on their accordion before an audience. Help your accordion player friend improve their look with this stylish accordion pendant necklace as the perfect gifts for accordion players.
  10. Mouth Harmonica
    This is a professional mouth harmonica that looks absolutely stunning and very elegant. The accordion player who loves their instrument would make a nice change for a while and not make as much noise as a big accordion would. The mouth harmonica is great for playing blues, jazz, folk, country, and even rock. These gifts for accordion players are a ten-hole diatonic harmonica that would make a great gift and serve as a more portable version for showing their musical talents.
  11. Accordion Figure Desk Clock
    Maybe a nice decoration of a person playing the accordion, that is also a clock, would fit nicely as a gift for an accordion player? These gifts for accordion players are made of metal, and it’s very sturdy. It makes a great decoration for any home and will be a special decor piece in an accordion player’s home. If you have an occasion to bring a gift to an accordion player, this one will do the trick.
  12. Accordion Instrument Patents
    We have another piece of decor for your accordion player friend. It’s a picture of a patent for the instrument and is very detailed. These gifts for accordion players make a great decoration for the perfect accordion lover who knows every single thing there is about accordions. Ensure to help them show their knowledge of the instrument with this great wallpaper that showcases great quality.
  13. Artist Musician Tee
    Check out this great gag gift for someone who plays the accordion. These gifts for accordion players are a funny representation of the buttons on an accordion printed on the T-Shirt. Whenever they don’t have their accordion with them, they can practice on the T-Shirt. It would also make the perfect thing to wear when they are playing with their group or solo and bring out a lot of smiles from the audience. Help out a friend to look cooler with this cooky gift.
  14. Backpack
    Take a look at this sports sack decorated with an accordion-style theme. We all know accordion players aren’t as popular as guitar players, but they sure are more unique. Here is your chance to help fellow accordionist express their uniqueness with this cool and stylish accordion-themed sports backpack. It comes with extra pockets for storing a phone or other small items and has sturdy straps with zippered pockets. Ensure they show their love for the amazing instrument to anyone and anywhere with these gifts for accordion players. Even at the gym!
  15. Accordion Player Automation Toy Model
    This is a wooden model kit that they would have to assemble themselves, but it will be worth it at the end when they start rotating the mechanism to see the cool and interesting animation. The animation of these gifts for accordion players features the fellow playing the accordion, singing and tapping his feet to the beat. It would make an amazing decoration in the home of someone who plays the accordion all the time. Now they will have a little buddy to join them in the process of making music.
  16. Hohner Compadre GCF Accordion
    Last, but most definitely not least, we have a very high quality, elegant, delightful-looking accordion. It comes with an adjustable bass strap and redesigned wide open grille allowing for greater volume. These gifts for accordion players have 31 treble buttons and 12 bass buttons. Bag and straps are also included, and a warranty to above of the gift an accordion player could ever receive. It would make an amazing perfect for a close relative, or maybe a friend. One thing is for sure, and that is, whoever gets this as a gift would feel so blessed and most certainly very, very thankful to you. Make an accordion player’s day with this outstanding gift.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re shopping for a beginner accordion player or a seasoned pro, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. But with our list of gift ideas for accordion players, you’ll be sure to find something they’ll love. From instructional books and sheet music to unique accessories and even a new accordion, we’ve got you covered. Shop now and make the accordion player in your life feel appreciated and inspired.

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