15 Unique And Adorable Gifts For Bassoon Players

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On a quest to search for the best gifts for bassoon players? Whether you need a gift for bassoon players competing in a band or orchestra, for students, teachers, or for people who love bassoon, check out the following high-quality bassoon gifts for your loved ones and fetch all their compliments.

Gifts for bassoon players

Listing Out The Amazing & Affordable Gifts For Bassoon Players

  1. Solos For The Bassoon Player
    You will be able to see a huge improvement in your friend’s bassoon playing skills after you give them this knowledge-filled book on how to play some of the biggest classical solos out there. It offers a wide range of musical styles and compositions in a wide range of musical eras. Bassoons can be extremely expressive as a solo instrument and gifts for bassoon players, and you, with this book, can become an expressive gifter.
  2. Angel Bassoon Playing Figurine
    Perfectly hand-painted and crafted, this unique little angel art playing the bassoon is the gifts for bassoon players to decorate someone’s home who adores this instrument. The elegance of the angel and the way it is humbly sitting and playing some tunes is also a great way for calming someone’s nerves and to enjoy admiring this masterpiece.
  3. Astronaut Bassoon Notebook
    All her thoughts and plans can be recorded in this journal. Also, it is a great gift for bassoon players to write some amazing bassoon melodies.
  4. Bassoon Patent Poster
    A copy of the official patent of the bassoon instrument could be a great idea for someone who likes to get technical about lots of things. A person who likes to know details like this will admire this poster a lot and be very thankful to you for getting it for them. If you have in mind where they will hang it, then you can even choose the perfect size of gifts for bassoon players that you wish the poster to be printed in.
  5. Bassoon Protection Case
    When it comes to expensive and delicate instruments such as this one, the owner should always be careful not to damage or break them and should take preventive measures. Such a measure is making sure they have an extreme protective case like this one. If you care for your friend or relative who has a nice bassoon, then be sure to get a case for them to help them out with these gifts for bassoon players.
  6. Cat Bassoonist T-Shirt
    If it’s summertime and you are looking for a bassoon gift for someone you care about, then this T-Shirt will do pretty nicely as the best gifts for bassoon players. It’s decorated with a funny cat that’s wearing sunglasses and is playing the bassoon. The perfect thing to wear for their daytime summer gigs. It also comes in both boy and girl colours, so you have no excuse to get it for whoever it is.
  7. Christmas Tree Bassoon Ornament
    It’s pretty easy to assume that this is a real bassoon due to its amazing attention to detail. On the other hand, the size gives it away as it is a Christmas tree ornament, after all. Start planning your Christmas gift-giving list with these gifts for bassoon players and check this one off for a bassoon player that you know.
  8. Rep Decks: Bassoon Edition
    If you haven’t heard, this is the playing card series that are related to different musical instruments. They constantly release random instrument-related editions, and this one is the special bassoon one. You have a great opportunity to get them as a unique and special gift for bassoon players, or for bassoonists who play in a band or orchestra.
  9. Deluxe Padded Basson Harness
    We mentioned that safety is of great importance when it comes to these types of delicate musical instruments. You can never be too careful, which is why this harness will make sure that no one drops their bassoon by accident. These gifts for bassoon players are padded for extra comfort and is very easy to put on and off as well as it allows for fast attachment and removal of the bassoon thanks to the simple but secure clip on it.
  10. The Bassoon King, Book
    You might know his character from The Office, Rainn Wilson is, besides a pretty funny guy, an outstanding bassoon player ever since his younger days. He explains in this book some of the funny stories from his band clubs and a lot of experiences related to his bassoon playing career. These gifts for bassoon players are going to be an exciting book for another great bassoon player that you know.
  11. I’d Rather Be Playing Bassoon Mug
    This mug offers the perfect thing to drink coffee from for the regular bassoon player who likes to sip on a cup of coffee while they are practising and perfecting their playing skills. An option for a 17 Oz is also available for the type that isn’t joking around and spends a bit more time practising and chugs coffee to stay awake and focused. The mug is literally the best gifts for bassoon players.
  12. Bassoon Earrings
    How about this one for a bassoon related gift? This is a literal representation of what a bassoon looks like in earring form. They are perfect for the female bassoon player who wants to look more unique, and thanks to these earrings, that is possible. All that’s left is for you to gift wrap these gifts for bassoon players and watch the reaction on their face after seeing them.
  13. Mini Basson Table Decoration
    Do you know a big bassoon fan who has always wanted to have a perfect replica of their favourite instrument decorating their living room? If by any chance you do, then take a look at this mini version of the bassoon. Extreme attention to detail comes to mind when looking at it as it is 100% similar to the real deal. Now it can stand elegantly on your bassoon player’s living room table and be admired by everyone.
  14. Humidity Control Reed Storage Case
    The reed is an essential element in any woodwind instrument such as the bassoon. This storage helps with the job of protecting your friend’s bassoon reeds with a sturdy case that is packed with humidity control benefits. They can store up to eight pieces in it and keep them safe and secure.
  15. Funny Bassoonist T-Shirt
    Let’s end this list with a funny gag gift that is sure to make any bassoonist and their band or orchestra friends laugh. The T-Shirt features a funny design that is very bassoon-related. Everyone (though not everyone) knows that to extend a reed life, they must soak reed in water as often as possible. It wouldn’t make any sense to give it as a gift to anyone other than a bassoon player with a good sense of humour, so if you know someone like that, you know what to do.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know about the gifts for bassoon players, here is a chance that you should not miss if you are looking for the best gift ideas for female programmers.

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