22 Amazing and Creative Letter of Recommendation Gifts

This article offers a range of unique and unexpected letter of recommendation gifts thanking your professors in exchange for letters of recommendation.

We all know that obtaining a letter of recommendation is a necessary evil when it comes to applying for jobs, internships, or graduate schools. And let’s be real, sometimes getting that glowing endorsement from your professor can be as hard as trying to find a needle in a haystack.

How to thank the professor for a recommendation letter?

But fear not, my friends, for I have a solution to your letter of recommendation woes: gift-giving. Yes, you heard me right, bribery in the form of thoughtful presents. Just kidding, kind of.

Creative and Funny Gift Ideas for Your Professors

Before you go out and buy a gift card to your professor’s favorite coffee shop, let me clarify a few things. Firstly, giving a gift to receive a letter of recommendation is not only morally questionable but also downright creepy. We’re not trying to be Regina George from “Mean Girls” here.

The Best Gift: Being an Engaged and Motivated Student

As students, we often seek the guidance and mentorship of our professors to help us achieve our academic and career goals. And when it comes to applying for graduate school or a job, a letter of recommendation from a respected professor can make all the difference. As a token of our appreciation for their support, it’s become common practice to give our professors a gift in return for their efforts. But what do you give someone who has already given so much of their time and knowledge?

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 22 brilliant letters of recommendation gifts for professors that are sure to show your gratitude and make a lasting impression. From practical office supplies to personalized keepsakes, these gift ideas will help you express your appreciation in a meaningful way.

Letter Of Recommendation Gifts
Letter Of Recommendation Gifts

Letter Of Recommendation Gifts For Your Professor

Here are the gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation.

  1. Chinese Tabletop Fountain
    This elegant fountain simulation is both decorative and soothing. The sound of the free-falling water will put anyone in a great mood. It is made of good quality resin and will last a long time. Let your thanks be expressed, every day or every year in a unique way.
  2. Wall Clock Decorative Item
    With its brushed metal, wrought iron frame, this decorative wall clock can grace a living room or an office. This vintage clock is silent and non-ticking. It will remind your benefactor of the good times you have spent together and is a great way of saying thank you.
  3. Amazon Gift Cards In Gift Box
    If you want to be sure that you give someone a gift that perfectly suits their needs, amazon gift cards are one of the good ways to do that. There are umpteen items that a person can choose from, and it saves you the risk and trouble of selecting a gift as well.
  4. Wrought Iron Wine Rack
    This classy gift will never go unnoticed. Since the bottles are stored horizontally, it keeps the corks moist so the wine will remain fresh for longer. Its an elegant color and stylish design will ensure it is appreciated. This European fashion wine rack can be the star of any kitchen or pantry.
  5. Thank You Candle
    We know helping a student to reach his dream college is an act that will carry endless gratitude. This is why your appreciation gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation should be well-thought. A simple, subtle, yet thoughtful detail will be enough to show how significant such acts are. This tender, jeweled candle will bring warm scents to any interior, setting the atmosphere for a relaxing and soothing ambiance.
  6. Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket
    What makes a morning perfect? Coffee - is just the right start of every day. But having the opportunity to choose a different taste, origin or blend would make waking up much more exciting. If you have noticed that your professor is a coffee lover, this gift basket will be a pleasant and delicious surprise gift for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation. These unique flavors will give a special touch to the brewing experience of every coffee gourmet. With this in mind, you can be sure that your professor will be in awe of this basket's variety, and he will be able to taste a different coffee during each new recommendation letter.
  7. Tea Sampler Box
    Some are coffee addicts, but some crave a good, hot tea to enjoy in peaceful moments. Is there anything that compares with taking time to indulge in healthy and tasty tea while reminiscing or contemplating? With this tea sampler with 11 flavors, you can afford that experience for your professor and give him amazing gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation. Also, you get to express how much it means to you the time he took to increase your chances of entering college and having more enormous odds in a good life.
  8. Thank You Gourmet Cookies
    Are you thinking about a gift in the form of a tasty surprise that your professor will also be able to share with the class or loved ones? This delicious basket with individually wrapped cookies is an amazing gift for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation and will speak for you and express how thankful you are. Food is always the right path to saying thank you, and these cookies will be your little helpers on that path. With a lot of effort put into the sweet packaging, they will make your professor enjoy it, and it will brighten up his day.
  9. You Make a Profound Difference - Appreciation Starfish Story Key Chain
    Inspired by a story of a young man who was picking up starfish as the tide went out so they wouldn't die, this key-chain gift set is a reminder that one simple act makes a difference in someone's life. Just as one letter forever affected your life, giving it a better course. With this gift, you will also make a difference for your professor by reminding him of the weight of his acts and his importance in the students' lives. The card and gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation allow you to write a personalized message and write what makes you so profoundly grateful.
  10. Engraved Pen
    If your sensibility goes in the direction of a classic, elegant, and mindful gift, a personalized pen might be what you are looking for. This engraved pen allows you to write the name of your professor or a short message of gratitude of up to 25 characters. It won't fade or wear off, making it a durable gift unchallenged by time, making it one of the amazing gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation.
  11. Creative Magnetic Pen
    Being a professor is a job that can be a source of immense inspiration and meaningfulness, but it is not always as easy as it is generous. We believe you surely should help him overcome the daily obstacles with these creative toys meant to alleviate stress and improve his imagination and intelligence. This product will bring a wide smile to his face and unquestionably an amazing gift for professors writing letters of recommendation.
  12. Refillable Notebook
    For the thoughts, plans, schedules, ideas, and stories. A vintage journal waiting to soak in words and letters will be the perfect gratitude gift for your dear professor. This warm and delicate aesthetics will create an instant need to fill the aged-looking pages made of quality, thick paper. These are memorable and inspiring gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation and who enjoys writing while motivating the students with grand ideas.
  13. Wooden Mail Organizer Desktop with Block Calendar
    In case you are looking for a very distinctive and practical gift, then you might need one that can be used on a daily level for various items, details, and notebooks. This cute, wooden organizer gift for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation has many functions because, besides the drawers, it also has a set of calendar blocks that will never let your professor forget a deadline. The charming design is accompanied by usefulness, as this organizer will provide space for all the little things and eliminate the mess.
  14. Professor Appreciation Necklace
    The little, symbolic, and stylish gifts that can fit any occasion are those you can never go wrong with. A delicate necklace with a classic design will refresh your professor's daily style, and thanks to its lightness and elegance, it will blend well in every event. If you think the necklace itself is not enough, it comes with a sweet message of profound thankfulness that will speak for you. This is that kind of appreciation gift for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation that can accompany your professor wherever she goes, providing her with a reminder of how she managed to affect someone's life.
  15. Knight Pen Holder
    As the master wishes, always at your disposal. Those might be the words this classy pen holder would say when meeting its new owner. Your professor is probably surrounded by pens, pencils, and other office tools that help the job be done as efficiently as possible. Unable to find a pen when the words need to pour might break that process. Give them gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation. Make sure your professor always has a pen ready to keep writing recommendation letters that will open many more doors. However, this pen holder doesn't discriminate. It can hold even the toothbrush if it's what the master wants.
  16. Gold Apple
    It is challenging to find a small, appropriate, and expressive gift. It would be much easier if a reward for the teacher were rewarded. But there is, and this ceramic gold apple is here to confirm it. This apple will explicitly show your gratitude and what one recommendation letter meant to you and your life direction. Gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation are light enough to evoke a smile and cheer your professor. Thanks to its unique aesthetic, it will be a perfect office decor and a sign of your professor's capabilities for all future students.
  17. Ocean Zen Garden
    Make your professor smile all through the workday with a dash of beach freedom. With this zen sandbox, you will provide more than just a gift. The gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation are an escape and relaxation experience that will give life to the mundanity of an office and stress relief after a day full of responsibilities. Your professor will also be able to use it as a classroom decor that will put students at ease and provide them with a feeling of peacefulness.
  18. Thanks for helping me grow Bookmark
    While a recommendation letter starts just as a tool that will be proof of your achievements and credibility, it can become a life-changing element that will develop you as a person. That means that one professor, one hour of writing, and one letter can help start a new life chapter. With the gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation, see how your professor is precisely what the recommendation letter did for you - entering the right college gave you a chance to evolve into a better person. With this bookmark, you can show how one kind of action made you and your career grow.
  19. Severus Snape First Impressions Ornament
    Is your professor, by any chance, a Harry Potter fan, incredibly enthusiastic about his relationship with Severus Snape? If the answer is a firm yes, you've found gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation! This Hallmark ornament will play the dialogue during Harry's first potions class that will point at the future student-professor relationship with Snape. Connect his love for this movie classic with his passion for teaching and helping others. Give a bit of nostalgia while also showing gratitude to your favorite professor.
  20. Professor Ever Mug
    If you prefer to stick with a simple yet striking gift, this mug will be your friend. It is an ideal gift for any occasion, and this one is not an exception, especially with these thankful and reassuring words for gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation. This mug is a low-key yet powerful gift for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation, and it likes to hang out with coffee, juice, water... whatever is your professor's cup of tea. Besides, it wants to add a difference to every desk or counter by being the carrier of a powerful message, which is what will make your professor's day.
  21. Starbucks Gift Card
    The world needs more coffee, and so does your professor. It helps to stay awake amid the most stressful days and complete tasks. One coupon can solve at least one of those problems by giving access to more coffee. With this Starbucks gift card, you can express your gratitude in an easy and tasty way, without the risk of being pretentious or over above. These are simple and smooth gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation that turn into delicious coffee while also expressing gratitude for you.
  22. Tiny Expressions Thanks a Latte Coffee Gift Card Holders
    If you believe that a Starbucks gift card would feel lonely as the only gift, then give it a company. These gift card holders come in a cute design, with a place to write your message and attach the card. They are not just a cute idea but also an appreciative detail that can speak for you and provide your dear professor with a warm experience and relaxing moments. While it might seem like a small thing, it's the intention that matters, and your professor will be delighted to see the strength of his acts through gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation.

Think of it as a way to show your appreciation and gratitude towards your professor for taking the time to write a letter for you. Plus, who doesn’t love receiving gifts, right?

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But I’m a broke college student, I can’t afford to buy fancy gifts.” Fear not, my fellow penny-pinchers, for I have some creative and funny gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

First up, the classic apple. Yes, I’m talking about a real, edible apple. It’s simple, it’s cute, and it’s a nod to the old-school teacher-student dynamic. Plus, you can always carve a funny message into it to make it extra special.

Next, we have the timeless gift of homemade baked goods. Who doesn’t love a fresh batch of cookies, brownies, or muffins? It shows that you put time and effort into making something from scratch. Just make sure you don’t burn them, or you’ll be getting a letter of recommendation from the fire department instead.

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DIY Letter of Recommendations Gifts: Personalized and Punny

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can always opt for a DIY gift. Maybe a personalized mug with their favorite quote or a picture of their beloved pet. Or how about a silly t-shirt with a punny joke related to their subject matter? The possibilities are endless.

But before you rush off to the craft store or grocery store, remember that the best gift you can give your professor is being an engaged and motivated student. Show up to class, participate in discussions, ask questions, and show your passion for the subject. That way, when it comes time to ask for that letter of recommendation, they’ll be more than happy to write one for you.

So, my dear fellow students, go forth and give thoughtful gifts to your professors, not as a way to bribe them, but as a way to say thank you for all their hard work and dedication to your education. And who knows, maybe that letter of recommendation will come in extra glowing after a delicious homemade cookie or a cheesy pun on a t-shirt.

A Final Word on Letter of Recommendation Gifts

An expression of gratitude is always well received. Your letter of recommendation gifts do not need to be expensive, but they must be heartfelt. There is nothing more special than being appreciated, so make sure you return the favor offered to you.

Now that you know about the amazing gifts for the professor who wrote your letter of recommendation read here to learn about gifts for violin teachers.

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